Please be advised that the film We Are, produced by: Sanjay Routray (Matchbox Pictures), Sanjay Suri, Onir (Anticlock Films) and Executive Produced by Deepa Mehta, is not signatory to any ACTRA Agreement and is therefore a non-union Production. ACTRA’s Constitution and By-laws prohibit union members from working on such productions.

We wish to remind you of Section 3A of the ACTRA National By-law No. 7, which provides as follows with respect to Member Conduct, Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline Process:

Members are to:
a) Work for signatories: A member must work only for an engager or producer who is a signatory to a relevant ACTRA collective agreement and consistent with the ACTRA Policy Statement respecting the engagement of ACTRA Performers (Appendix E).
b) Work for an engager in good standing: A member must work for an engager who is in good standing – i.e. has not been declared an unfair engager.

In addition, ACTRA members are reminded of the ACTRA Off-shore Productions Policy, which can be found here:

Please be advised that, as a member of ACTRA, you are not permitted to work on the film We Are. Please don’t hesitate to contact ACTRA if you have any questions.