SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Please be advised that the short film, Impulse, produced by Sean Kuzyk and John Galen Wilson, is not signatory to any UBCP/ACTRA agreement and it is therefore a non-union production. UBCP/ACTRA’s By-laws and Constitution prohibit union members from auditioning for, or working on, any non-union production in recorded media.

Accordingly, there are significant consequences for full members, apprentice members, and background members found to be participating in a non-union production.

There are also consequences for talent agencies found to be directing members to non-union work, including the loss of their cheque distribution courtesy. This is the courtesy by which we send commercial and residual cheques to the agency, rather than the performer directly.

The vast majority of our members do not work on non-union productions and feel strongly about protecting our jurisdiction against anything that threatens it, including members working on non-union productions and talent agencies that facilitate that work.

We appreciate and applaud the efforts of those talent agencies who are working in the best interests of our members and the union.

We extend our thanks to the many members and agents who stand in solidarity and support UBCP/ACTRA and its members, particularly by refusing to participate in this and other non-union productions. We will update you if an agreement with the producer has been signed.

For more information, please contact Michael Cheevers, Organizer, at or (604) 689-0727 ext. 2248.

In solidarity,

UBCP/ACTRA Organizing
If you have information on non-union productions, please forward it to