These excerpts below highlight clauses from the National Commercial Agreement (NCA) that specifically address Hair and Make-Up (HMU) protections. It’s important for our members to familiarize themselves with these provisions to ensure compliance and fair treatment.

414 Session Fee is the fee paid per commercial (inclusive of negotiated Above Minimum Payment; note Article 416) to a Performer for his/her work on the production day on which his/her performance is preserved or recorded in any manner whatsoever. The Session Fee shall be in addition to payment for preproduction rehearsal sessions; in addition to payment for recall days that may follow the contracted session day or days; and also in addition to overtime rates or other additional payments, such as may be made for wardrobe, hairdressing, makeup, auditions or travel, and any other incidental or miscellaneous fees. The Session Fee shall not be applied against residual payments.

424 Work Day The Performer’s work day shall commence at first call for makeup or wardrobe and shall not end until the Performer has removed his/ her makeup and wardrobe.

511 Freedom from Discrimination and Harassment ACTRA and each Engager will work cooperatively to promote the requirements and intent of the applicable provincial human rights laws and harassment laws, as amended from time to time, the provisions of which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement. The Parties to this Agreement completely support the human rights of each individual to be free from discrimination as defined by legislation. Any difference between the Parties as it relates to the
interpretation, administration or enforcement of any of the provisions of these laws shall be dealt with under the Grievance and Arbitration provision of this Agreement (Section 34).

703 Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair Time spent in makeup, hairdressing and/ or wardrobe shall be considered as scheduled work time if immediately prior to the Performer’s production call and at a place adjacent to the set or location. Performers required to attend makeup, hairdressing or wardrobe calls other than immediately prior to the production call shall be paid at the additional work time rate for a minimum of one (1) hour.

1212 Rest Periods There shall be a paid rest period of not less than fifteen (15) minutes for every Performer within the span of any four (4) consecutive hours of work. The time allocated for such rest period shall be clearly identified to each Performer, and the Performer may not be required on set or for wardrobe, makeup or production conference for the duration of the rest period. Seating shall be available to Performers during rest periods in a smoke-free environment.

1405 Time Spent in Makeup, Hairdressing and Wardrobe Time spent in makeup, hairdressing and/or wardrobe shall be considered as scheduled work time in all respects if immediately prior to the Performer’s production call and at a place adjacent to the set or location. A Performer requested or required by the Engager to spend time in makeup, hairdressing and/or wardrobe at times other than immediately prior to the Performer’s production call, or to visit places such as clothing suppliers, costumers and/or wig or appurtenance suppliers for the purpose of selecting, fitting or picking up
such items, shall be compensated for a minimum of one (1) hour of work time for each such visit. If actual time spent is in excess of one (1) hour, the Engager shall pay for such additional time at the Performer’s hourly work time rate (Article 1202).
If a Performer is requested by the Engager to have specific or special hairdressing, necessitating an expenditure, the Engager shall either furnish such hairdressing or the Performer shall be reimbursed the amount so expended at facilities designated or approved by the Engager. Time spent in such hairdressing shall be considered as time worked and shall be paid.

1407 Conditions for Makeup, Hairdressing and Wardrobe All makeup and hairdressing devices (e.g., sponges, brushes) shall be provided and shall not be used on more than one individual unless properly sanitized between uses. All wardrobe shall be appropriately cleaned between wearings.

1602 Auditions

  1. Calls for auditions, interviews, individual voice and photographic tests, fittings, makeup tests and production conferences for Minors of school age shall take place between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for Minors under the age of 10, or between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. for Minors 10 to 15 years of age. Calls for actual production shall not be so limited.
  2. The Engager will provide both an Audition Sign-in Time Sheet (Appendix F) and a Parental Audition Consent Form (Appendix L) prior to auditioning Minors. Notices of auditions shall be circulated forty- eight (48) hours in advance, unless there is an emergency.

1604 Parental Responsibility

  1. The Parent (or Chaperon appointed by a Parent) of a Minor under 16 years of age must be at the location and accessible to the Minor at all times when the Minor is on set, accompany the Minor to and from the set, and accompany the Minor to hair, makeup and wardrobe.


The Parties to this Agreement agree to uphold the basic working conditions contained in this Agreement. As part of this objective, the Parties will specifically address the items contained below in this Letter of Understanding.

The following terms and conditions represent fundamental working conditions for Performers. These include but are not limited to:

(q) Basic sanitary conditions — e.g., using same hair or makeup brush for multiple Performers without sanitizing these brushes between uses shall be adhered to, per Article 1407.