These excerpts below highlight clauses from the Independent Production Agreement (IPA) that specifically address Hair and Make-Up (HMU) protections. It’s important for our members to familiarize themselves with these provisions to ensure compliance and fair treatment.

A503 – Freedom from Discrimination and Harassment

ACTRA, the Associations, and the Producer (the “Parties”) agree that everyone should be able to work without fear of harassment or violence, in a safe and healthy environment. The Parties further agree to work cooperatively with each other so that the principles of this section are honoured.

  1. The Producer shall use its best efforts to maintain a working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment (which includes sexual, racial, or personal harassment), and violence. To that end, the Producer shall comply with all applicable obligations pursuant to human rights and health and safety legislation.
  1. For the purposes of this Article, racial harassment includes engaging in a course of comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome, where such comment or conduct shows disrespect or causes humiliation to a Performer because of the Performer’s race, colour, creed, ancestry, place of origin, or ethnic origin.
  1. For the purpose of this Article, personal harassment includes any comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome or offensive, which creates an unduly intimidating working environment, which denies individual dignity and respect or which threatens the economic livelihood of that individual.

A1501 – Time for Makeup, Hairdressing, etc.

When a Performer is required to report for makeup, hairdressing, wardrobe, or fitting immediately prior to the Performer’s Production Call, the following conditions shall apply: a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes at the Performer’s applicable straight- time hourly rate
shall be payable and shall not be computed to create an overtime situation. Time in excess of fifteen (15) minutes shall be considered as part of the regular eight (8) hour day.

A1504 – Hair

No Performer shall be required to cut or change the style or colour of
their hair, unless this has been agreed upon prior to Booking. No Performer shall cut or change the style or colour of their hair after the time of Booking without the consent of the Producer.

A1101 – Workday

Subject to Article A1501, the workday shall consist of eight (8) consecutive hours in any day, exclusive of meal periods. The workday shall commence at the Performer’s Call time or when the Performer commences makeup, whichever is earlier, and the workday does not end until the Performer is out of makeup and costume, transport is arranged (if transport is contractually required and has been requested), and the Performer is actually able to leave the set.

C403 – Wardrobe Call

Background Performers required by the Producer to attend specifically for the purpose of choosing and/or fitting wardrobe and/or wigs shall be paid for all time spent on each occasion at the Background Performer’s hourly rate, with a two (2) hour minimum for each such Call, if such time is not otherwise being credited and paid for at the applicable rates. Where Performers are required to provide two (2) or more changes of wardrobe for a “go see,” this shall be considered a paid wardrobe call and the Performer will be so paid, whether or not they are engaged.

Letter of Understanding Regarding Working Conditions

The parties agree to meet quarterly in order to review issues including but not limited to fundamental working conditions such as those items listed below:

  1. failure to provide basic sanitary conditions — e.g., using same hair or makeup brush for multiple performers without sanitizing these brushes between uses, per Articles A2001 and A2609 (specific reference to applicable provincial guidelines);